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  1. eShapeOko Part 3 - Tidying up

    Having had the ShapeOko for over a year now I've used it for quite a few projects, but nowhere near as many as I intended. Part of the reason for this is that the controller for the machine was still rather jury rigged so setting it up was a hassle …

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  2. eShapeOko Part 2 - Mechanicals

    Building the mechanical parts of the eShapeOko was fairly straightforward, but there are some problems and modifications I made that are worth writing about.

    eShapeOko parts

    The first task of the assembly was to tap the MakerSlide sections to add a screw thread. This was my first try at tapping anything, but …

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  3. eShapeOko Part 1

    I was partway through writing a draft for a post about PCB milling when I realised I hadn't yet written anything about the machine I've been using, so I think it's about time for a post about the eShapeOko CNC machine I built.

    I ordered the mechanical kit only, so …

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  4. Update

    I've had a sudden burst of motivation this morning, possibly due to a nice model flying day finally turning up (maybe the second this year!). I thought I'd use this to make a post since I've not updated in a while. I have a bunch of projects on the go …

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