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  1. Retrochallenge 2016/10 - Deadline

    I'm at my deadline for RetroChallenge 2016/10 and unfortunately I'm tantalisingly close to having something that works, but not quite there.

    I have the bitbang/slow mode working and generating pulses that match the output I get from my Bus Pirate when using it to talk to the SD …

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  2. Retrochallenge 2016/10 - Breadboard Fun

    Having finally found time to start breadboarding my SD card interface I first made sure that the edge trigger circuit I had tested in ModelSim would work when built with real components.

    An issue I had encountered previously when breadboarding RC2014 peripherals was that if I wanted to disconnect the …

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  3. SpeedTwin Update

    Recently I've been focussed on finishing off my radio controlled model SpeedTwin ST-2. This guy is not the biggest model I've built in terms of wingspan, but it wins in terms of chunkiness and complexity. I started it in 2012, but it stalled at some point because everything was blocked …

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  4. CNC cut control horns

    I was at a loose end during today's bank holiday so I decided to do a mini-project (with bonus recycling features) and make a set of control horns for my radio controlled SpeedTwin ST-2.

    Control horns in DraftSight

    After deciding on a sensible size for the control horns I drew them up in DraftSight …

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  5. Hot Wire Cutter

    While building my model SpeedTwin ST2 I needed to neatly cut some foam. Since I had a bunch of 6mm laser safe ply available and needed to cut some other bits the next day I decided to design my own hot wire cutter and cut the parts out at the …

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  6. Foobot

    Foobot is a project I started around November 2014. It's still a work in progress, but the time when I should have written it up is more than due.


    Foobot is robot table football game, with two teams of two tiny adorable robots. The robots are controlled by classic Nintendo …

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  7. Tricopter

    Finished Tricopter

    I've been neglecting this blog recently due to various distractions but have several projects I want to write up. Around April I found myself with the urge to build a multicopter. In the end I settled on a tricopter design as it's a little unusual and because the wider angle …

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  8. eShapeOko Part 3 - Tidying up

    Having had the ShapeOko for over a year now I've used it for quite a few projects, but nowhere near as many as I intended. Part of the reason for this is that the controller for the machine was still rather jury rigged so setting it up was a hassle …

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  9. Simple PCB drilling jig

    Drilling jig in action

    Recently I've been making a lot of printed circuit boards. One of the common problems I run into is aligning holes correctly when hand drilling. This is especially troublesome on boards with large arrays of pins, such as my hexapod controller (I promise I'll write that up soon!). A misaligned …

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  10. Arcade Control Panels

    Charlie's SuperGun had me inspired to build my own at some point, but I thought I'd start at the other end and build some appropriate controllers first. Partly as a birthday present to myself I decided to make a pair of arcade control panels.

    After a long time reading SlagCoin …

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  11. Loot of the Forest

    I just finished participating in the 28th Ludum Dare game jam. This time around the theme was 'You Only Get One'.

    I chose to interpret this fairly literally as a game mechanic and came up with Loot of the Forest. It's a game about bribing forest guardian creatures as you …

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    I've been a bit quiet on here for a while, and slacking on the PCB milling experiments I've been meaning to do, though I have made some progress on that front.

    Anyway, here's what I got sidetracked by building:

    This is a small budget hexapod, using 18 of the cheapest …

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  13. eShapeOko Part 2 - Mechanicals

    Building the mechanical parts of the eShapeOko was fairly straightforward, but there are some problems and modifications I made that are worth writing about.

    eShapeOko parts

    The first task of the assembly was to tap the MakerSlide sections to add a screw thread. This was my first try at tapping anything, but …

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  14. eShapeOko Part 1

    I was partway through writing a draft for a post about PCB milling when I realised I hadn't yet written anything about the machine I've been using, so I think it's about time for a post about the eShapeOko CNC machine I built.

    I ordered the mechanical kit only, so …

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  15. Lightwave RF Mood Controller Hack

    It's me, Charlie again, continuing with my scheme to take over Moop's blog with nothing but home automation articles.

    Readers of this blog will know that I've been playing around with LightwaveRF's home automation stuff a lot recently. Mainly setting up voice control systems for it. One thing that irked …

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  16. Siri, control my lights

    Once again, it's not moop but Charlie, so we're talking home automation instead of planes.

    My last video on home automation turned out to be surprisingly popular! So, to celebrate I've done a quick follow up on the same idea. One thing people commented on was that I should have …

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  17. Unholy Chalupa MKIII

    Beware: unreasonably long post ahead. I probably should've posted this in chunks, but was hoping to fly the model first. That always seemed to be just around the corner, but thanks to British weather and seasonal man-flu that still hasn't happened.

    The original Chalupa is a model aircraft I designed …

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  18. Update

    I've had a sudden burst of motivation this morning, possibly due to a nice model flying day finally turning up (maybe the second this year!). I thought I'd use this to make a post since I've not updated in a while. I have a bunch of projects on the go …

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  19. Glider Restoration Part 3 - Fuselage

    With the wings complete I moved on to restoring the fuselage of the glider. I'd originally intended to  use the existing fuselage and just straighten it up. Unfortunately, when I came to look at it closer the plywood construction had warped more than I thought. I started trying to disassemble …

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  20. Glider Restoration Part 2 - Finishing the wings

    To finish off the wingtips, I cut off the spars at an angle and cut some tip skins based on the plans. These were glued and pinned into place then sanded to provide a smooth finish and to blend in with the leading and trailing edges.

    Wingtips sheeted and sanded

    With the tips finished …

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  21. Space saving wall art

    I seem to have too many model planes nowadays, and storage was fast becoming a problem. During a bout of boredom, I dug up some screws and hooks and attached them to the wall above my desk. Now they look cool, and I have loads of extra space!

    Space saving wall art

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  22. Model glider restoration

    I've had a Precedent Hi-Fly model glider lying around waiting to be repaired for years now. I originally built it with my dad. Well, he did most of the building; I suspect my main contribution was nagging him to get it finished. Unfortunately, we didn't really know what we were …

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  23. DIY Mini Lathe

    Mini Lathe

    I needed some smooth round parts recently for some models I was building and chose to take an unconventional approach by building a mini lathe on which to turn them.

    The parts were designed in Draftsight and cut from 3mm ply on Nottingham Hackspace's laser cutter. The lathe is built …

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  24. About

    Published: Sat 22 December 2012
    By moop

    In About.

    Hi, I'm moop and I have a habit of making things.

    Hopefully this will turn into a place to write about them, instead of resigning them to the back of a cupboard.

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