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  1. Glider Restoration Part 3 - Fuselage

    With the wings complete I moved on to restoring the fuselage of the glider. I'd originally intended to  use the existing fuselage and just straighten it up. Unfortunately, when I came to look at it closer the plywood construction had warped more than I thought. I started trying to disassemble …

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  2. Glider Restoration Part 2 - Finishing the wings

    To finish off the wingtips, I cut off the spars at an angle and cut some tip skins based on the plans. These were glued and pinned into place then sanded to provide a smooth finish and to blend in with the leading and trailing edges.

    Wingtips sheeted and sanded

    With the tips finished …

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  3. Model glider restoration

    I've had a Precedent Hi-Fly model glider lying around waiting to be repaired for years now. I originally built it with my dad. Well, he did most of the building; I suspect my main contribution was nagging him to get it finished. Unfortunately, we didn't really know what we were …

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